Are you working toward improving your email marketing campaigns?

If so, you should take the time to investigate the various tools available that make your job easier.

Each email automation tool existing on the market today brings different advantages and disadvantages compared to its competitors.

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In this article, you’ll learn about several email marketing software tools that make it easier for you to send automated email sequences to your newsletter list.

What is an Email Marketing Tool?

An email marketing tool allows you to collect emails from potential customers, split test different subject lines, send your emails out to subscribers through a professional SMTP server, track engagement with each customer individually, and much more.

Additionally, email marketing software makes it easier to create an automated email sequence.

Benefits of Using an Email Marketing Tool

Writing and sending automatic emails that go out the moment new subscribers sign up for your newsletter brings two advantages to your business.

The first advantage you’ll notice is the ability to collect emails from potential customers. You can attract these new customers on your website and social media profiles via email opt-in forms.

A second benefit that’s often overlooked is the ability for many of these tools to conduct individual email outreach.

Sending automatic email sequences to each subscriber who signs up is a big benefit because it delivers personalized content. Most customers today want a more personalized communication experience.

Different Tools for Automated Email Sequences

Every player in the email marketing industry offers unique advantages to help you create automated email sequences using either pre-written templates or a drag-and-drop design interface.


Upscribe is an email marketing tool that lets you send automated emails to your subscribers. Its platform allows you to schedule when each email goes out and track the results your business sees using email follow-up sequences.

The design interface makes it easy for you to choose from Upscribe’s pre-made template designs or create a unique template using a drag-and-drop design tool.

One of the best aspects of Upscribe is the segmentation feature. Tag new subscribers and then send them more personalized email content inside your automated sequences.

Upscribe also respects your audience’s privacy. It won’t track location, age, or gender like many other email service providers do. Instead, this tool focuses on your open rates and click-through rates.


One of the most popular email marketing services on the web is MailChimp. Their automation tool allows users to create automated email sequences using pre-made template messages.

You can add your subscribers into custom groups, which makes it easier to send specific emails based on their location, profession, or other distinguishing factors.

MailChimp offers these email templates for free, and they come in different categories.

  • Product launches
  • Welcome emails
  • Customer announcements
  • Email courses


ActiveCampaign offers a drag-and-drop design interface that allows users to create custom styles for each email you send out to your subscribers.

This design interface offers more flexibility than MailChimp’s template-style tool by allowing you to customize everything from the email’s subject line, body text, and even the HTML code that goes into each message.

With ActiveCampaign, users can select which content works best for an automated sequence and then schedule when to send the email to your subscribers.


Drip offers users a drag-and-drop design interface that’s similar to ActiveCampaign.

What sets Drip apart is its ability to send more personalized automated emails for every new subscriber who signs up on your website.

Additionally, you can set up rules for each of your subscribers to determine when to shift them from one marketing list to another automatically.


ConvertKit offers a wide range of tools for users to create automated email sequences.

With ConvertKit, you can send emails at predetermined intervals or even when one of your subscribers shares an email with another contact in their main contact list.

Additionally, ConvertKit allows you to add email signup forms to your website.


Similar to the other players, MailerLite offers a drag-and-drop design interface that allows users to create custom emails in a few minutes. Their tool also comes with a pre-made template library filled with different categories.

MailerLite allows you to send your automated emails. Additionally, the platform offers a feature that lets you track how many subscribers open each email message and customize the next actions based on what they do or don’t do.


Wishpond lets you create an email sequence without knowing how to write code. With this tool, you can use the pre-made templates designed by Wishpond or create custom emails using their drag-and-drop design interface.

Additionally, Wishpond allows you to track your results and see how well each automated email performs for your business.


AWeber also has a drag-and-drop design interface that allows you to create custom templates or choose from their pre-made templates.

After building the email template, AWeber lets you schedule when each message will go out and how often subscribers receive your content.

Zoho Mail

Zoho offers a similar interface to AWeber with a pre-made templates library that you can choose from. You can also decide to build out custom emails.

Additionally, Zoho lets you send automated emails that you set up ahead of time. An analytics dashboard lets you track the results of your automated campaigns.


Sendloop is another email marketing tool that doesn’t require any coding skills. It provides you with a drag-and-drop design interface. The pre-made template area lets you create highly customized emails in just minutes.

Sendloop allows you to track your results and send automated messages based on tagging technology.


Sending personalized messages to your audience is important when your goal is building trust. Compare a few of these email service providers and choose the one that fits your business needs best.

From there, ask yourself what type of content might work most effectively for your specific target market. Craft a five or seven-part email sequence, load it into your new email marketing software tool, and then start sending the automated follow-up emails to new subscribers.

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