Expanding your email list is an easy way to ensure your business’s success. You can engage better with your customers, build more intimate relationships, and boost business by capturing more emails.

The trick? It’s essential to have multiple capture points on your website to better draw in people. By the end of this article, you’ll know nine new ways to grow your email list faster.

Why is Growing Your Email List Important?

If you want to drive more traffic to your business and engage with your customers, you want to start email marketing. Email marketing is 40 times more effective at drawing in new customers than its social media counterparts.

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So what is an email list? It’s pretty much what the name describes: a list of emails you gathered from visitors to your website. Your visitors or customers subscribe to your email list when they want to stay up to date about discounts, special promotions, and other information about your business.

Benefits of Building Your Email List

You know, in a vague sense, that growing your email list is important for your success. But what are the specific benefits of engaging with customers in this way?

It Feels Personal

Let’s face it: it’s becoming a lot harder to make customers feel special when you interact with them via the internet. Social media platforms are meant to bridge this gap in some way but often fail to do so.

But email? Email is far more personal.

Even if you’re sending out the same email to hundreds of people, it arrives in their inbox with each individual’s name. That might not seem like a big deal, but it can go a long way toward making customers and potential customers feel important.

Emails Are Targeted

This doesn’t just apply to individuals. You can group or segment people on your email list based on shared interests or activities that would most appeal to them.

By doing this, you reach a wider audience with whatever product or service you’re offering in a way that speaks to their interests.

How to Grow Your Email List

To grow your email list, it’s important to have multiple capture points on your website. You can use a combination of the following tips (or all of them) to build a more extensive email list.

Use Subscription Forms

By strategically placing subscription forms on your website, you can better encourage visitors to sign up for alerts, discounts, locked content, and more.

Wondering where to integrate your subscription form? They work best on highly trafficked landing pages, such as your homepage, navigation bar, or blog articles.

Use Pop-Up Images on Landing Pages

Using pop-up images that notify visitors to your site of a special discount or free offer is an effective way to add more users to your email list.

However, it’s important not to overwhelm your visitors with too many pop-ups. Visiting your site should be a positive experience for all users with minimum disruptions.

To effectively use this strategy, limit the pages with pop-up images or make sure the frequency at which the images pop up is low.

Offer Content Upgrades

Whether you’re offering a membership that gives subscribers exclusive access to premium content or giving members discounts on shipping or future purchases, content upgrades are a great way to bolster email captures.

Use Discounts and Deals

This strategy differs from the previous one in the sense that you might not use the word “membership” or a paywall.

Instead, offering a one-time discount or deal for a customer’s first purchase of your products or services appeals to visitors who want to make a smaller commitment to your business.

In-Store Promotion

Does your business also have a brick-and-mortar storefront? If so, you can implement in-store promotions to make sure the customers you interact with face-to-face can also be reached digitally.

This can be as simple as posting a sign near the checkout that discusses the benefits of signing up for your company’s email or business list.

Want to further incentivize your customers? You can offer a small discount for signing up online, which makes you more likely to engage with that individual in the future.

Facebook Call To Action

Although email is the best way to engage with your customers through newsletters and campaigns, you can attract many new subscribers from different social media platforms.

Facebook allows you to add a Call to Action at the top of your business profile. When potential new customers click this button, you can redirect them to one of your website’s gated pages and require an email address for access.

This strategy will appeal to visitors who frequent social media platforms and use Facebook as a one-stop shop for much of their online life.

Promote Gated Content on Facebook Posts

You can also use Facebook to promote content that requires an email address signup to access. This is similar to the Call to Action button, but it’s possible to reach an even wider audience with this strategy since users don’t need to visit your page to see it.

Attach a Blog to Your Website

If your website or business doesn’t already have a blog, now might be a good time to create one. Whether you focus on product reviews, tips and tricks in a particular field, or provide insight on the inner workings of your company, interested customers will subscribe!

Instagram Call to Action

Instagram is another great social media platform you can use to redirect traffic to your website.

You can include a Call to Action in your bio. The best way to use this strategy to capture more emails is to link this Call to Action to a page on your site that requires email signup for entry.

Wrapping Up

Growing your email list isn’t as challenging as it sounds. All it takes is a few different email capture strategies to get noticed. Whether you want to add more to your website, use the power of social media, or create a blog for your business, these strategies will help you get noticed and grow your business email list.

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