To succeed in any business, you need a solid customer base. For instance, if I’m a baker and don’t have customers buying my baked goods, it doesn’t matter how good they are because no one will know about them. The same goes for anyone trying to grow their list of email subscribers: without people on the other end clicking “subscribe,” there’s no growth.

Add a Sign-Up Form to Your Website

The most obvious way to grow an email list is by getting people to join at the source. In other words, add a “subscribe” button or link on your website that allows visitors to join your mailing list with their name and email address.

Not only will this allow you to grow your list, but if someone subscribes through your website instead of using another provider, it’s much more likely that they’ll continue receiving emails from you than if they subscribed outside of your site. This could be because they already have an account set up with you or because they know precisely what content you’ll be sending them before ever having to read it.

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Try Emailing Exclusive Content Only to Your Email Subscribers

There is no reason why every content on your site shouldn’t have a call to action asking people to subscribe via email. However, if you want to grow your email list, even more, you can try emailing content specifically for your subscribers. This will make your website visitors feel like they will miss out on your content if they don’t subscribe to your email newsletter.

If you have blog subscribers interested in specific topics, you might consider writing posts exclusively about those topics. Send these posts to your subscribers exclusively to your newsletter recipients, and they will feel like you are listening to what they have to say.

Promote Your Newsletter in Other Places Around the Web

While email is an excellent place to start when looking for additional places to add a subscription form, don’t forget about other areas around the web where people might be interested in getting emails from you. For example:

  • On any reviews or testimonials, you receive
  • On guest posts that have been published about your company
  • On promotional items that you send out
  • In newsletter roundups/collections anywhere else online

Remember, just because someone subscribes to your newsletter doesn’t mean they’re going to continue to receive emails from you. If you’re not constantly growing your list, your email list will eventually stagnate and even diminish over time.

To keep people coming back to read your content, you need to make a conscious effort every day to find new subscribers and continue to grow your newsletter’s email list.

Offer a Lead Magnet

If you’re putting in the effort to grow your newsletter’s email list, you must have some incentive for people to sign up. A lead magnet is just what it sounds like: something that your subscriber can “lead” or “get” by signing up with their email address. It could be anything from a free ebook, white paper, or guide on a relevant topic to an exclusive piece of content or coupon code for subscribers only.

When offering your lead magnets, make sure they are directly related to your blog’s niche and highlight how subscribing will help them get more out of their relationship with you.

Promote Benefits of Subscribing on Every Post

Suppose you want your email list to grow. In that case, you mustn’t be only promoting the fact that people can subscribe to your newsletter via social media and blogging platforms like Facebook and Twitter and on every post you publish.

When writing your blog posts, don’t simply put your subscription box up top where no one will see it. Instead, choose a place–like the bottom of your posts, for example–where people are more likely to read what’s written before signing up for your newsletter.

Wrap Up

As with anything else in marketing, the only way to grow your newsletter’s email list is by making a conscious effort. You might not be able to add an opt-in form on every page of your site. Still, if you’re putting out relevant content and building an authentic community around it, you’ll notice more and more people joining (and staying) on your email newsletter.

So there you have some ideas for growing your email list: try adding a subscription button in places where people will encounter your company and offering exclusive content specifically for subscribers. If you keep at it, you’ll find that having a great relationship with subscribers is rewarding both ways.

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