When it comes to email marketing, timing is vital. In some industries, the click-through rates are as low as 2%, and the best way to boost results is by working on your scheduling and establishing how frequently you should send the emails.

Read on to learn more about how often to contact your email market listing.

Why Is Timing Important?

Reports show that people don’t like to receive promotional emails. The only exception is when one has subscribed to the email service, or the message carries something of benefit to them.

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But did you know that one of the most influential factors on the receivers’ feelings is the timing?

You should avoid constantly filling your email list inboxes. Because whether or not it contains promotional content, they’ll start to unsubscribe sooner or later. Actually, 69% of subscribers usually leave if they feel you’re over-emailing them.

What Is the Right Number of Emails to Send?

Experts recommend you communicate with your customers as much as possible. This makes the question, “How many emails should I send?” a more difficult one . And if you’re to keep in contact often, how often should this be?

A report by Direct Marketing Association shows that the highest percentage (35%) of marketers contact their list twice to thrice a month. On the other hand, 9% send six to eight emails, while 19% of marketers send only a single email to their list.

While this is merely a market view, you should study your consumers to help determine whether or not you need to add to the emails you send.

A survey by MarketingSherpa shows that 61% of subscribers prefer to receive just one promotional email a month. Another 15% are okay with receiving an email daily. Does this surprise you? Well, according to the survey, 91% of users have nothing whatsoever against promotional emails. Nevertheless, the emails need to be well-timed.

Expectations and results vary. While no rule dictates the number of promotional emails you should send, the numbers seem to suggest one email weekly will go a long way. But this number is not set in stone, meaning you need to consider your specific needs to reach the best number.

Factors to Consider in Determining How Often to Contact Your Email Marketing List

Sending high-quality emails promotes more tolerance from the users. That way, you can contact your list even more frequently, as long as you maintain the quality.

The opposite happens if your emails are of low-quality or hard to sell. Your subscribers will only tolerate them for a short while before unsubscribing.

Remember, the more you engage your list, the more opens you get, resulting in more clicks and, ultimately, more revenue.

When deciding on the number of emails to send, consider the following:

Industry Statistics

Your competitors help you keep check of your progress as you strive to remain at par or above them. This principle applies to email marketing too. Therefore, keep track of how frequently your rivals send emails to your list per week. In addition, look at the ROI and see whether you can learn from them.

That said, it does not mean you should just copy them. Several other things, such as more subscribers or their unique goals, may make their strategy different from yours.

So don’t just send out many emails without considering your specific needs. They should form the basis of your strategy.

Nature of Your Products or Services

What kind of products or services are you offering your customers? These should determine how many emails you send to your users.

For example, if you operate a communication agency that feeds consumers with news, you no doubt have to send emails daily to keep your customers up to date. On the other hand, if you deal with winter products, you’ll send more emails during winter than in summer.

Purpose of Your Email

What’s the objective of your email? Its goal should be clears. Are you aiming at influencing them to make a purchase or is it to complete a form?

Reports show that the highest CTR rate happens with the first email. So unless you have an alternative approach to building curiosity, use this chance properly.

Top Tips on Setting Email Marketing Frequency

These tips are essential when determining the frequency with which you should contact your list:

  • Let your subscribers decide the number of times they want to receive your emails. You can get this information by setting up a preference center, a poll, or by letting them indicate somewhere when subscribing to the emails.
  • Let your figures guide you. Pay attention to subscription and unsubscription rates and adjust things accordingly.
  • Consider your goals at a specific time and the fundamentals of engagement. Of importance is to ensure that every email you send adds value to your users. Don’t just send for the sake of doing it, as reports indicate that about 32% of people unsubscribe if the email is irrelevant.

Before You Go

Your business is not the same as that of another person. This means there’s no single answer for the question, “How often should you contact your email marketing list?” Let your customized needs guide you. Also, consider the factors as well as the tips above. Keep testing as you observe your users’ reactions, and as long as you keenly consider all critical figures, you’ll get the ideal number for your business.

How often should you contact your email marketing list?

When it comes to email marketing, timing is vital. In some industries, the click-through rates are as low as 2%, and the best way to boost results is by working on your scheduling and establishing how frequently you should send the emails.

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