Creating an email sequence (or drip campaign) is just like creating a marketing email. You're just composing additional emails that will automatically send out a few days after one another.

Pretty simple! But super useful.

Create a new email sequence

To build an email sequence you'll first go to your Sequences page and create a new sequence using the New Sequence button. This will create a new sequence and add the first email.

Once you have that first email subject and body looking how you'd like, you can then hit the Add Email button to add a second email to the sequence.

You'll notice at the top of the the second email there is a section that reads "Send 1 days after last email". You can use this option to set the number of days (or hours) between the sending of first email and the the sending of the second.

In the same fashion, continue to add as many emails as you need in this sequence.

Activating your email sequence

When you have you're emails written and polished, all that's left to do is choose a form that will be the trigger for your sequence. When someone submits your form they will begin receiving your email sequence. That's it!

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